(*) All our developments are based on an emerging concept of engineering and neuroscience on the art of making simple, readable and comprehensible complex things: the simplexity (1).
Since we must not confuse complicated and complex, we must not confuse simple and simplex. Each WEB application that we develop, we want it simplex, and by making it "simplex", we set up a "complex engineering process consisting in making a powerful set of functionalities simple and uncluttered". The goal behind this simplexification is to put your customers, your users, your employees in a position where intuition replaces the tedious study of a user manual, where the provision of well-designed features replaces the succession of operations complicated so that the final result corresponds entirely to the demand. We help their "ingenium" (2).
This is only possible through an in-depth analysis of the processes implemented in your organisation and the simplification of these when possible. Your availability to your customers and employees can be significantly increased. We do not develop a simple application, but bring additional and effective help in your organisation.

(1) Alain Berthoz, 2009 : « "Simplexity, as I understand it, is the set of solutions found by living organisms so that, despite the complexity of natural processes, the brain can prepare the act and project its consequences. These solutions are simplifying principles that make it possible to process information or situations, taking into account past experience and anticipating the future. These are neither caricatures nor shortcuts or summaries. These are new ways of posing problems, sometimes at the price of a few detours, to arrive at actions faster, more elegant, more effective.”
(2) The ingenium is the mental faculty which permits the quick, appropriate and happy connection of separate things and is manifested in the ability to synthesize.

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